Djerba, Tunisia

Djerba is a small island in south of Tunisia with white sandy beaches and whitewashed domed Houses. The Djerban people are culturally distinct from mainland Tunisians and preserve many of Their traditions and unique architecture.

The medina in Houmt Souk is particularly pleasant and a Cheap place to stay for relatively hassle-free shopping and eating. Resort hotels line the eastern Coast in the Zone Touristique.

The best time to visit Djerba and enjoy the sun and the sea is the summer, from June to September. In May the temperature is warm enough, especially in the second half of the month, but the sea is still cool. In October the sea is still warm, and there are still many warm and sunny Days, but the first depressions, which bring the first rains more to the north, can bring some Cloudiness and a bit of wind.

How to reach Tunisia

In most of the cases, you need to fly first to Tunis-Carthage international airport (capital) and then take the domestic flight (1 hour) to Djerba-Zarzis international airport. However, you may find direct flights to Djerba, especially from Europe.
Tunis Air operates the international flights and Tunis Air Express ensures around 4 daily domestic flights. If you have difficulties in booking domestic flights from your countries, please let us know so we can do it on your behalf.

Visas can be obtained from Tunisian diplomatic missions abroad. EU citizens are
exempted. Participants are strongly advised to check on visa requirements with their
nearest Tunisian Embassy or Consulate. The organizing committee of the conference can provide invitation letters; please request for these as soon as possible if you need them and inform us of the names of the participants.


  • 230 V and 50 Hz
  • Electrical plugs type C and E (same round plugs like in Western Europe.)
  • Make sure to bring a converter for your hair-dryer and other powerful electronics.

Time Zone

  • Tunisia is at UTC/GMT +1. Check time and for further information about time zones.

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