TDAS Lifetime Achievement Awards

The first Lifetime Achievement Award is intended to honor the highest level of achievement in Decision Aid by a business leader.  The Award Criteria are:

  • The honoree must have demonstrated sustained leadership and innovation that significantly altered decision sciences practice.
  • Furthermore, this leadership and innovation must be such that it significantly impacts in industries beyond the home industry of the honoree, and is the subject of academic attention in major business schools.
  • The honoree should be in the later stages of his/her career or be recently retired.

The second Lifetime Achievement Award is intended to recognize a researcher for his/her outstanding contribution and who has demonstrated significant impact in their respective fields.

The primary nominations for these awards can be made by a TDAS member showing the significant accomplishments of the nominee and justifying why the nominee is deserving of this recognition.  A summary of the nominee’s major accomplishments highlighting their impact in such a way that a person from another discipline can appreciate the significance and uniqueness of the nominee’s contribution. The TDAS Lifetime Achievement Awards Committee is composed of the Executive Committee of the TDAS Board of Directors.